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This is because unemployment data is important to the Federal Reserve when it comes to setting interest rate policy. If unemployment is high, then the Fed is more likely to cut rates in order to stimulate hiring. The US NFP number is released monthly by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, usually on the first Friday of the month.

forex news

The Taiwan Stock Exchange now rests just beneath the 15,290-point plateau and it’s expected to extend its gains on Monday. dotbig broker Investor confidence survey data from the euro area is due on Monday, headlining a light day for the European economic news. At 1.45 am ET, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs is scheduled to issue Swiss unemployment data for July. This is because the big players have already DotBig review adjusted their positions way before the news report even came out and may now be taking profits after the run-up to the news event. They will go ahead and start selling off their dollars for other currencies before the actual number is released. When the news hits, the price tends to spike in one direction or has a muted reaction to the data as traders digest the outcome against market expectations.

The most important part of a central bank meeting on interest rate policy, is the accompanying statement that goes alongside any decision made. Forex traders are famous for analyzing the slightest change in wording from the previous month’s statement and can quickly send markets into a spin.

Financial News

It’s seen as one of the best indicators on the strength of the US economy and as a result, will prove highly volatile to markets following a release. Crypto Heat Map A visual tool showing price action of cryptos across multiple timeframes. Cryptocurrency Volatility Monitor the volatility of major cryptocurrencies. dotbig website was set up back in 2004 with the aim to provide insightful analysis to forex traders, serving the trading community for over a decade. Empowering the individual traders was, is, and will always be our motto going forward. Expectations on the size of next Fed rate hike shifted again last week, with stocks cheering lower than expected consumer inflation reading in the… A more common news trading strategy is the non-directional bias approach.

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  • The consumer price index is the change in the price of a basket of goods and services.

If you have experience in the Forex market, then it is time for you to share your experiences, ideas and reviews in order to help others to make the best decisions when trading. Please bear in mind that only honest opinions arising from actual experiences are encouraged as these will be used by people who are just starting out in the Forex market. dotbig testimonials They will thus be looking forward to learn from experienced traders while looking for new opportunities which can facilitate the process of investing in a safe and effective way. Obviously, as an active user you can also benefit from Forex reviews of other people so as to learn how you can easily find the best products or services available in the market. While the Forex major currency pairs experience the most volatility surrounding an NFP release, any of the most liquid currency pairs will experience similarly wild price action. testimonials This is because global markets are so interconnected that when the US economy slows down, the rest of the world is often dragged down with it. None of the blogs or other sources of information is to be considered as constituting a track record.

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Several days or even weeks before a news report comes out, there are analysts that will come up with some kind of forecast on what numbers will be released. While its broad nature means that it’s hard for a central bank to make policy decisions from directly, GDP remains a primary gauge of overall economic strength. As central banks such as the Fed use the CPI number to track inflation, there is a direct relationship between CPI and interest rate policy. When there’s high inflation, the Fed is more likely to raise rates to try and cool off the economy. dotbig When there’s low inflation, the Fed is more likely to cut rates in order to stimulate growth.

forex news

We have created this service in response to the growing interest in investment projects on the Forex market. We are a well-integrated team of people for which Forex is not only a job but also a life’s passion.

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Just remember when developing news trading strategies, that markets are most volatile when expectations don’t align with the actual release. If a bomb goes off in a busy underground station, panic soon spreads to markets as traders price in the probability of economic slowdowns and the uncertainty of war. We’ve analysed this list of important releases in more detail, in order to tell you what you need to know to navigate the ensuing volatile price action.

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Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Trading Triangles in Price Action In triangle formations, this is a level that’s expected to be broken with enough persistence from buyers or sellers . You can learn more about our cookie policy here, or by following the link at the bottom of any page on our site.

We want our website to be of real value to all traders out there, and so we encourage you to share your Forex Reviews so that we can help one another. dotbig company On our website you may also check out Forex Widgets, Forex Tips, Live and much more. Currency Volatility Monitor the volatility of all 8 major currencies in the forex market. This method disregards a directional bias and simply plays on the fact that a big news report will create a big move.

As you’ll come to learn, the world of forex is full of tools to help us find breakout trade opportunities. Learn about this massively huge financial market where fiat currencies are traded.

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