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  • The leverage calculator will calculate the required leverage to open your trading position based on your account currency, the traded currency pair and trade size.
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  • In Forex you trade Forex currency pairs like EUR/USD currency pairs, where you predict the price of EUR/USD moves up or down on the chart.
  • That can be 1% per month or 2% per month or any other percentage as I have already mentioned.
  • The .1 means the lot traded is .1 times 100,000, or 10,000 units.

In the example from the graph above you can see that each month with the same percentage of profit you end up making more. Here is the step by step of the Forex calculator compound with the compounding rules I have mentioned above. After three trades I have $612,08 of profit which is6,12%increase in profit.

Which Formula Is Used In The Compounding Calculator?

To compound this amount I will use $ as starting balance on my second trade instead of $ which was the starting balance for the first trade. The risk-management Forex rules recommend you not open a position more than 5% of the deposit. The total risk for all positions should not exceed 15% of the deposit.

forex compound calculator

In the stock market, an account can compound through the reinvestment of dividends while in the forex market, you can reinvest your profits. Check the graph below where I have set the percentage return to 50% and time period as a day.

Leverage Calculator

To calculate the total profit from Forex trading with reinvestment, you can build an Excel model. But it is easier to use a calculator that already has this model. Because of the reinvestment in the second example, the trader earned over three months a profit that is 0.76 USD more than that if without reinvestment. With our example, an initial account equity of 1,000 currency units, and after compounding the profits of 30 consecutive winnings , is now 1,811.36 currency units. Similarly, if the interest rate is low, the worth of currency is also low.

I will recommend you to not do compounding daily or per trade because if you are winning one trade, maybe you lose the next two trades. You should prefer to do compounding weekly or monthly in forex. To increase dotbig testimonials your profits exponentially, trading using a compounding plan is a must. Trading with 8% compounding every month is quite easy. Next month, he earns $1100 and again he reinvested now the total balance is $12100.

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